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Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-3 Aircraft Engine Illustrated Parts Catalog  Manual  TO 2J-TF30-14 - 1974
Misubishi A6M Zero Zeke-52 Pilot Handbook Manual ( English  Language )
Ryan FR-1 Airplane Preliminary Erection and Maintennace-  AN 01-100FA-2, 1945
Rolls Royce Merlin V-1650-1  Aircraft Engine  Reclamation Repair  Manual  T.O  22-55-15 AP 23784  ( English Language ) - 1943 -
Sikorsky UH-19 A Helicopter Flight Manual 1H-19A-1 1958
Wright R-1820 -82 -84 Cyclone Aircraft Engine Illustrated Parts Catalog Manual 1977 NAVAIR 02A-35GN-504Piasecki YH-21  Helicopter  Preliminary Maintenance Instructions  Manual - , 1953
Sud Aviation  / SNCASE / Aerospatiale  SE 3130   Alouette  II Helicopter  Illustrated Parts Catalog   Manual
Westland Saunders Roe Scout  Helicopter Descriptive and Servicing  Notes  Manual  , 1962
Rolls Royce Derwent Aircraft Engine Maintenance Manual - TSD 122
English Electric Canberra  Aircraft Repair Manual 101B-0400-6
Gloster Meteor F. Mk 8 Aircraft   Schedule of Spare Parts  Manual
De Havilland Sea Vixen Mk.2 Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue Manual 101B-3002-3A
Beagle  A.109 Airedale Aircraft Owners Handbook Manual
Sikorsky H-5  G H Helicopter Erection and Maintenance  Manual 1H-5F-2- 1949
De Havilland Venom D.H. 112  Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Manual
Sikorsky H-5   G H HO3S-1 Helicopter Flight  Manual 01-230HBA-1 - 1949
BAe / Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR Mk 3 Aircraft Airframe  Illustrated Parts Catalog  Manual -  ( English Language ) - Air Publication 101B-0603-3A , 1979
Bristol Hercules 130  & 131 Aircraft Engine Operator Instructions Manual
Lockheed P-38 H J L   F-5  B Aircraft  Part Catalog Manual -01-75-4A

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