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Sicuro Publishing using today's technologies to preserve yesterday's data.

Thanks for your interest in Aircraft Data and Publication. Our work is presenting Aircraft Information in Electronic Format: Aircraft Blueprints, Engine Manuals, Aircraft & Helicopter Technical Literature, Aircraft , Engines and Manufacturing, Technical And Vintage Film Videos .

Restoring a classic airplane? Have an interest in the technical aspects of an antique aircraft or engine? Have you noticed the difficulty in finding reliable information for overhauls, repairs, servicing and inspection? Are you nervous about the high cost of authentic and fragile original publications?

We are offering reasonably priced high quality electronic versions from our collection of manuals, blueprints and technical data that you can take into the shop and put right to use.

Are you a Collector, Hobbyist or a War Veteran? If so, our extensive library collection of military aircraft and helicopter films are a click away.

These CDs/ DVDs will fulfill your needs. Take advantage of a complete Information website that provides electronic interactive documents for anything and everything concerning aircraft. This is your ONE STOP AIRCRAFT SHOPPING WEBSITE .

Search out New technology with old data., the mix and match your own unique recipe!

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Who Are We?

Sicuro Publishing was founded in 1998 and incorporated in Canada in 2004

Sicuro Publishing - the leader in electronic documents for the aviation community. Our products are distributed worldwide and enjoyed by thousands of collectors, historians and researchers. Our goal is to provide electronic documents as an attractive alternative to the extremely high cost of obtaining or collecting original paper manuals. We began in December 1997. This is an ongoing venture, with new documents and manuals being transferred into electronic format on a daily basis.

Our scanning process ensures that you receive the highest quality documents scans available while ensuring a reasonable purchase price. Our printing process yields high quality manual copies and are printed double-sided to more closely match the original documents

Please note that our CD / DVD products are processed in MS Windows System Operator PC's. We do not guaranty that our products work as well or at all on other Systems such as Mac OS etc. We will be adding extra features monthly, so come back regularly.

You can contact us at: Aircraft Data and Publication web site by email or by phone . We are Registered Company in : Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada . We are located in Europe at moment